The Women of 2016’s ‘30 Under 30’ From European Finance

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Out of the 30 financial experts that were selected for Europe’s 30 Under 30, there were 8 women that made the cut. In a male-dominated field where women have more obstacles to overcome in order to be taken seriously, these eight women have displayed persistence, intelligence, grit, and indomitable innovativeness.


In 2017, let’s hope there are more women chosen to be featured in the 30 Under 30. Until then, let’s celebrate these top-dogs in Europe’s financial arena:



  • Ophelia Brown


Age: 29

United Kingdom

Principal, Index Ventures

A year ago, when Brown was the lead investor of her firm, a Spanish tech startup decided to raise their Series A round. After the startup refused to negotiate with her, Brown sat outside their offices in Barcelona for two weeks. Her dedication won her the deal. Brown has also sourced Index’s investments in Osper, Big Health and Marvel.

2. Laura-Maria Baz

Age: 26

United Kingdom

Investment Professional, Vitol Group

Baz had previously worked out of the Russian, Korean, and Abu Dhabi offices of Citigroup. Now Baz is an investor at Vitol Group, the commodities megalith. Baz more specifically deals with multi-billion dollar energy portfolios.

3. Stefania Boroli

Age: 29


Investment Manager, IDEA Capital Funds SGR

Boroli has a history of creating her own opportunities. She is a cofounder of Mentors4u, which is a non-profit mentoring program for undergraduate college students that want to get into finance. Boroli was formerly a consultant at Bain. She then helped to create “Idea Taste of Italy.” Focusing on the Italian food and wine sector, “Idea Taste of Italy” is a private equity fund where Boroli operates as an investment manager.  

4. Gamze Demirci

Age: 25


Analyst, Hasso Plattner Ventures

Before becoming an analyst for Hasso Plattner Ventures, Demirci worked with tech startups with Global Venture Development at Rocket Internet. As an analyst for Hasso Plattner Ventures, Demirci advises portfolio companies as well as performing due diligence.

5. Frances Houweling

Age: 29


Associate Director, IK Investment Partners

Renowned for her knack of finding the smartest investment bets, Houweling employs a tactic of wide focus to lock down the best in the industry. Vista and CIS Lines are two popular firms that Houweling had the foresight to invest in. Before becoming the Associate Director at IK Investment Partners, Houweling worked as an analyst with J.P. Morgan’s investment bank and fixed income divisions within the firm.

6. Lauren Hurwitz

Age: 29

United Kingdom

Business Manager – Europe, Middle East, Africa, Moelis & Company

Hurwitz has made a concerted effort to help other women in finance. She helped to launch the Global Women’s Leadership Forum, which hosts over a dozen events worldwide through her firm. Based in London, Hurwitz  handles operational and managerial oversight of the offices in the Moelis & Company’s EMEA region in her role as Business Manager.

7. Amy Kang

Age: 26

South Korea

Vice President, Bank of America

Kang assists large companies and firms to navigate their tax, currency, and legal risk through Bank of America in Merrill Lynch’s London offices at the young age of 26.

  1. Marta Krupinska

Age: 27


Co-founder, Azimo

Originally from Poland, Krupinska saw the need for an easier way to perform international money transfers after trying to send money home to her family. So she helped to found Azimo to fulfill that very need. Since then, Azimo has raised $30 million in Series A and B funding and is one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in Europe.

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